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Thank you for visiting my blog! Here I share my ups and downs of being a mom who has tried working from home, but most importantly wants to be healthy and share it with others. If you can make money while doing it...AWESOME!

I have a passion for LIFE and that includes my family, working out, eating healthy, and sharing what works and doesn't work with others.

I LOVE working with Xango and their new product Favao, it gives me the opportunity to mentor others to reach their health and wealth goals!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Half-Marathon Has to Wait....

Well, I have some news that I am not happy to share, but dealing with! A few weeks ago I ran my 7 mile run and started having some major pain under and around my knee cap. I went a little easy on it and it started to feel a little better, but then when I ran in Connecticut outside with more hills than I had been, it really started bothering me again. The cold just made it freeze up completely and sitting for very long made it stiff.

I visited an Orthopedic doctor a week and a half ago in hopes he could help me get back on track for my half-marathon that is only 2 weeks away now. He didn't have horrible news, but not great either. It seems an old knee injury from Jr. High was causing some problems, a lot of inflammation behind my knee cap that was causing the tendon to rub on the bone and causing the pain. I was given a steroid shot in the knee and his initial advice was to take a full week off from any workouts. I freaked knowing my half-marathon at that time was only about 3 1/2 weeks away, so he said I could ride a stationary bike for a week and see how it holds up and then try running again. If the pain continued I would have to come back in for an MRI to really see what's going on.

So I did the bike for a week, still had about 15% of the pain. Ran a mile after 15 minutes on the bike after a week and the pain was back the next morning about 40%. I had to make a decision. I could keep pushing myself, I've been so pumped about reaching this goal of running my first half-marathon! However, then I'd chance really doing some damage and having to have surgery possibly and then be out for who knows how long. Well, that decision made it easier for me...through my training I have gotten myself in better shape than I've been in, probably since high school! I'm back in the same size clothes I was wearing before I got pregnant with my first daughter and I feel great! No way am I going to chance putting all that back on for one day of running a half-marathon.

I admit that I am REALLY bummed. However, I look at it this way...I can continue taking it easy for another week with lighter workouts and hopefully the pain will go away and then I can start back to running 3-4 miles 4-5 days a week. If I can get back to that and continue with my weight training there is a chance I can do another half-marathon a little later. Right now I just need to get this pain gone...hopefully without having to go back in for an MRI!

I got into a little bit of a funk with my working out and my home-based business and I have realized it was because I was having so much pain during my runs. If you have read my earlier blog entries, when I talked about running I felt fantastic! I really felt so positive about everything. As my knee started bothering me I was not enjoying the runs as much, just trying to push through them to get to that end goal. I have come to realize it was affecting me in so many ways, not just in my workouts. I was feeling less excited about my work, crankier with my husband, and just all-around less motivated.

Now that I have made this decision I feel I am back on track! My fitness goal has changed, it's not to run my first half-marathon (not this month anyway), but to continue changing my body through running, lifting and having fun with it and with the meal replacement shakes that are really helping me to transform my body by getting rid of the internal fat that has built up! The inches are still coming off and I love it!

I also have a new Mission Statement that I finally put together and have posted to see everyday. I also realized that I stopped following my mentors and was just half-listening to their teachings. I know this has set me back, but I've learned and I am ready to move forward!

Mission Statement:
I am committed to being a devoted wife, mother, and friend who blesses family, friends, and people I meet with a plan to ensure both them and myself to take control of our health, wealth, and time in order to live the lifestyles we desire.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ambition - Is it a Dirty Word?

The word ambition has been something on my mind a lot lately. I picked up the book "Ambition is Not a Dirty Word" by Debra Condren, PH.D and have been reading through it some in this search for balance. I am trying to figure out how to balance my time as a mom, a wife, and the desire to contribute to my family financially. Looking back, I use to have a great deal of ambition in my career...so much so that I worked MANY hours, sometimes my boyfriend at the time and now husband, felt was WAY too many hours. I don't blame him looking back. I was a recruiter for an agency in New York City. If they set a goal, I got there quicker than expected; I wanted to be the best; I wanted to be in the spotlight. I never missed a function with managers, no matter how long the hours were, I put the time in. If that's what it took for me to advance in my career, then I was there! I learned so much in that job and am VERY thankful to having that opportunity.

8 years later things have changed a GREAT deal! I am now happily married and have two beautiful daughters who are 1 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years old. I read a quote in the book that really hit home with where I see myself trying to be now:
"I believe opportunity is limitless. I am very ambitious. I am incredibly passionate about my work. But I'm equally passionate about my family and friends. If you are a woman who is ambitious, a woman with a vital contribution to make, you needn't choose between a meaningful career and a happy, fulfilling life outside of work. You just have to manage your life so that you can be a full recipient of all of it. Is this goal a virtue, and is it attainable? Absolutley." - Deborah Saweuyer-Parks, President & CEO of Homestead Capital.

I have found the greatest opportunity where I am truly passionate about my work and have the potential to not only make some great residual monthly income for my family, but also the opportunity to set us up for life! And I mean this, this company is offering those of us who have come into the company at this point now until December 31st the chance to set our families up for life! The world of Network Marketing is amazing, especially when you find the right company and right fit for where you want to go.

Where I am having the internal struggle is how much do I let my ambition lead right now and how much do I hold back to make sure I'm managing my life so that I can fulfill this financial goal as well as spend the quality time with my family. There are two huge reasons as to why I made the decision to do this home-based business:
1. Financial Freedom - I want to be able to contribute so that some of the pressure is taken from my husband; so we can go on wonderful vacations around the world; to give my husband more time off (as a musician he does not get paid vacation so it costs us money); for our retirement and our girls college educations.
2. Time - I want more flexibility to do more with my girls and with my husband. Golf with my husband on his days off. Take the girls to do things anytime, not just weekends or holidays (only days you get in a corporate job).

So how do you make it work in trying to have a meaningful and successful career and a happy, fulfilling life outside of work? I'm still working on it! I truly believe this home-based business will get me the financial freedom and the time I'm looking for and I can hardly stand it I'm so excited! I'm learning so much everyday. I have the most amazing leaders in my upline to guide me and teach me and a company who truly aims to make more people healthier and wealthier along the way. And I'm in it at the beginning, positioning is so much in this business. You can't help but be excited about an opportunity when it is with a company owned by Bill Farley and with products endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center and the chance to really change your life, your families and other individuals along the way. That's a journey I've started and want to share!

I'm committed to my new business and to my family and I'm looking for others to join me. Finding like-minded individuals will help me through this journey because we can support one another and have fun along the way! If you are also tired of working in corporate America, tired of working a job that's just a job that has no passion in it, or if you are tired of simply collecting a paycheck because that's what is expected, I would love to open your eyes to a better way to live your life and to make your dreams a reality. Take this journey with me and start your own business that you can grow at your own pace starting with only $500 to $1000. Doesn't matter if you are a CEO of a company or a stay-at-home mom, if you are interested let me know so I can get you information. Message me at melissadmagee@yahoo.com.

I will continue to share my high's and low's during this journey and look forward to others sharing theirs as well!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gotta Have Faith!

Wow, what a week!! I had an amazing power training session at the Zrii Headquarters in Salt Lake City on Saturday and a huge focus was having Faith, believing in this awesome opportunity! That's been the biggest thing for me throughout my journey so far in my home-based business. Faith in the leaders I have been so fortunate to meet in this opportunity; faith in the system they have proven over and over to be VERY successful; faith that network marketing is a better way to provide for my family financially. It is definitely an up and down roller coaster ride, I won't lie, but it's so exciting at the same time. As I've mentioned, personal growth is something I am really focusing on and this opportunity is providing me a lot of opportunities to grow personally! I have my good and my bad days, but I will not give up. I will keep learning from my mentors and pushing myself a little more everyday. I not only want success for myself and my family, but I want to show others how to reach their dreams as well!

Sunday, my church service tied right into this whole idea of Faith! It was AWESOME! For the next 30 days we are covering what Sr. Pastor Jud Wilhite calls Neon Faith. This week was called "Radical Faith". Key points: Learn to see with faith; Keep looking up even when things are down; Step out in Faith. It's about putting Faith into action in your life, and that can be different for everyone!

One of the scriptures was Matthew 6:30-33: Why do you have so little faith? "So Don't worry about these things, saying, 'What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear? These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

I do believe this wholeheartedly. I will continue to look up even when things are down, because as said in Hebrews 11:1: Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

These words spoke so powerfully to me! Especially because I am at a point in my career where I am trying something new, but something that feels so right and I HOPE it will be! I finally have more flexibility with my time to spend more with my girls and husband. I have the opportunity to make financially what I want to make. No more working for someone else who is telling me how much I can make or when I can take time off or how long I can take off. I am on a mission to be successful with this home-based business. I have SO much to learn, but that's just what I'm doing on a daily basis....LEARNING and Growing!

I love a post Sr. Pastor Wilhite put on Facebook and then said again on Sunday, "Tell God how big your problem is and then tell your problem how big your God is"! NO problem is too big as long as you have FAITH!

I have already had some success in using some things I learned on Saturday and plan to see even more in the next couple of days as I continue to follow the system laid out for us. I'm also looking forward to a great trip back to Connecticut to see my husband's family. We have not been there since Christmas and can't wait for them to see how much the girls have changed! So here's to another great week!!

If you would like to see the awesome sermon at Central Christian about Radical Faith from this last Sunday, go to http://www.centralchristian.com/home.asp and click on Radical Faith 10.25 Weekend Message.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Forward with my Weight Loss Challenge!

I am so happy, I have received all of my NutriiVeda meal replacement shakes so I'm ready to start my own personal weight loss challenge. I've had a few people sign up to join me so far and I look forward to tracking my progress and supporting them as they do the same! I'm still looking for more to join in though. I have found I always do so much better when I have other people to help push me...like how they say you should workout with someone because you are much more likely to get off that couch and go if you have someone else meeting you! Well, I feel it's the same for anything...you have to hold yourself accountable, but much easier to do when you also have others who are working at it with you! So if you're interested, send me a message and I'll get you the details!

Here is what I am personally doing...I started yesterday!
NutriiVeda Shakes and Zrii supplemental drink:
I am having a NutriiVeda shake for breakfast and then another one either for lunch or right after my workout, many times that coincides because I go workout before lunch. So I'm replacing two meals with something that costs only $3 per meal and gives my body ALL of the nutrients it needs (22 vitamins and mineral, amino acids, protein), it's awesome! I'm saving some money and feeling GREAT!! I am also doing 2 ounces of the Zrii nutritional beverage each day.
I am working out 5 days a week right now because of my training for the half-marathon. So I run 3 miles one day, 4 miles three days and a long run one day. The long run started at 5 miles and I add a mile every week. I will be honest, missed my 6 mile this last Sunday due to family being in town and laziness! So as long as I stick to it from here on out I'll run my first 12 mile run the week before the half-marathon. PERFECT! On the days I am running only 3 and 4 miles I am also doing some total body weight training after.

So yesterday I weighed myself and took measurements and will do it again in a week to see where I am...I'll post the results!! Very excited to see what happens because these shakes not only help people lose weight, but they also target the inner fat so often times you see more results in the inches you lose! Fine with me, I've never been much of a "scale" person...it's more about how I feel when I put clothes on!! If I can put my first outfit on and love how it fits, we're moving in the right direction!!! Ladies reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

So right now I am working towards losing 14 more pounds and inches off of my waist and hips. Those wonderful areas my two beautiful babies added to the most!!! SO worth it, but time for me to get them back...or actually I want to make them better than before:) I'm back into a size 10, when I can comfortably fit (comfortably meaning zip up and breathe and no pain whatsoever) into a size 8...it will be time to reward myself with a new outfit! Remember, you want to set even short goals to reach!

I am really excited to get this going for myself and to share with others. I have many friends and family who are already seeing some great results from these shakes. I want in on it!! Especially if I can do it before the holidays. And not because I'll then be able to eat everything in sight, but because I'll have better eating habits so I won't be AS tempted! But a few of my mother-in-laws sugar cookies won't hurt (if she'll make some here in Vegas for us)!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pray for Little JJ!

I just got an updated blog from my friend Amy. Her 3 year old son, JJ, recently had a major surgery done to have his "closure surgery" which was to have his liver put back in . Her family worked hard to raise money for his surgery and now they are having to do it all over again on November 11th. When I first heard of little JJ it just broke my heart, as a mother I cannot imagine what Amy and her husband and family are going through. I am so blessed and thank God every day for my two girls who are healthy. Reading JJ's story really is something, he's such a trooper, as his mom writes, and it's so wonderful to hear that. However, it's so hard on all of them. He has had problems since his surgery, so hopefully they can figure it out and get the little guy feeling better so he can play with his big sister and not have the pains anymore!

Amy has a blog to tell JJ's story, please take a look at it at http://teamhelpjj.blogspot.com/ and if you can donate, that is wonderful! Or, you may be interested in purchasing some beautiful watch bands Amy has made or bows or headbands. This will all go to the surgery, so anything is helpful! Christmas is coming soon, here are some great gifts to buy and for a great cause! Your thoughts and prayers are also very much appreciated.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bringing the Right Attitude!

John Terhune said, "One of the most powerful resources available to human beings is their attitude. A person's attitude touches in a positive or negative way every part of one's life. It affects people's relationships, their physical and mental energy, their stamina, their self-image, their work habits, their willingness to try something new and challenging, their ability to deal with stressful situations, their degree of happiness, and of course their ability to achieve beyond their current circumstances."

This speaks volumes to me right now. I am working on building my first home-based business, learning to build a business and lead others to do the same in duplication of my mentors who are leading me. I am training for my first half-marathon, a big step for me, something I really never considered until about a year ago. These are new and very challenging to my body and mind!

My goal is absolutely to achieve beyond my current circumstances. Yesterday I ran 5 miles for the first time (maybe I did it in high school sports, too long ago to recall) and it felt fantastic! I'm now excited to get through this weeks short runs so I can do 6 miles for my long run and push myself that one mile further! I am learning to build my own home-based business to have the freedom to spend more time with my family; freedom to travel to places we have dreamed about; buy the home we have dreamed about; so my husband can really enjoy his job as an entertainer versus do it as the only income for the family and worry about it.

I am working at creating and protecting a great attitude to ultimately achieve more in my life! I am working with an amazing team, the Hager Marketing Group, under some great leaders who have so much to teach me. It's so exciting because we are in a company that really has not been around very long and has so much potential and the leader who has the experience, proven track record and passion to take it to its full potential. I'm excited to be part of this so early in the making of this company, to know that some day I'll look back and remember when it was just beginning and so was I! But to get there, I first have to achieve a great attitude and let nothing stand in my way.

How do you develop a great attitude? Many steps, but three I am currently focusing on:
1. Training for the half-marathon...the better I feel about myself, the better attitude I will have!
2. I am surrounding myself with amazing people. For myself, leaders who have the proven track record in this industry and who can teach me how to reach my goals. Other people with positive attitudes, those who will inspire me!
3. I am dreaming of a better tomorrow for myself and my family, living with an attitude of expectation. I love how John Terhune puts it, "People who are on a mission and seeking to accomplish great things find having a great attitude much easier because they have a high degree of expectation of tomorrow."

My mentors continue to say, you must have goals and put them in front of you continuously. Seeing those goals and having a clear vision for your life will help you get through any adversity you will face. And in reaching for success, there will be a great deal of adversity to overcome. I am facing it on a daily basis and learning through each situation to push forward in my journey. I am passionate about the products, the company and most importantly the opportunity I have to not only pursue my dreams, but then lead others to pursue theirs as well. It feels so good to have found an opportunity that I can again be passionate about and excited to go to work for everyday and share with other people! I have so much to learn, but I am not giving up, I'm pushing forward and working hard at having a positive attitude every day, letting nothing get in the way. I'll be honest, it's a work in progress, but I'm getting there!

"When you have crafted a compelling dream and you are engaged in the passionate pursuit of that dream, you glow with purposefulness...Dream big and chase your dream with extreme passion. You will be duplicated." ~ John Terhune

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a quick Training Update!

Not a lot to update on, but I have started tracking my running for my half-marathon training. Last week I ran 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday, 4 miles on Thursday and 4.5 miles on Friday. Today I did another 3.1 miles. My plan is to follow a schedule I found on coolrunning.com!

I still feel fantastic. I started taking 2 oz per day of the Zrii nutritional drink and 1 meal replacement shake (NutriiVeda) a day a little over 2 weeks ago. I can confidently say that these products are tremendously helping me in my training. Before I would run up to 3 miles and my knees and other joints would really bother me. In fact, I started to train for this same race last fall, but my knee was hurting so badly it put me behind. With the help of these Zrii products, I have zero pain in my joints...even after my 4 and 4.5 mile runs last week! I will definitely be tracking this in my blog to share with others who deal with this pain. The pain is not only gone, but I also have more energy throughout my workouts.

My schedule for the rest of this week is to do 4 miles tomorrow and Wednesday, take Thursday off, 3 miles on Friday and 5 miles on Saturday! Will let you know how it goes. I'm also getting very excited because fall weather is FINALLY coming to Vegas. In the middle of this week we will finally be staying in the upper 70's so I can get outside and do some running. I'm really looking forward to that!

I'm still waiting to find 7 more people to join me in the 90 day weight loss challenge before I post any weight or measurements. So if you are interested, please let me know! I will be at my first expo at the Las Vegas Athletic Club on Eastern and the 215 tomorrow (Tuesday, September 29) from noon to 4pm to introduce Zrii to members who stop by. I'm really excited to see what people think of these amazing products!

Here's to another day, one step closer to that half-marathon!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Introduction!

I have finally decided to start blogging...why? I have realized I am going through a lot of new 'firsts' and after seeing some other blogs, I decided this is a great way to keep myself on track with the changes I'm making! Some very recent decisions I have made are due to trying to be a better mom, a better role model, and to improve myself for me!

The first change I made was the decision to quit my job as a recruiter. I was working with a great company, but realizing that my passion for the job was no longer there. I really wanted more flexibility to spend more time with my two girls (Sienna is 3 1/2 yrs and Chelsea is 16 mos.), as they were growing up so quick. I decided rather than be a slacker at the job, I would quit. In the mean time, I have found an awesome group of leaders in the Hager Marketing Group who are showing me a new way to make money, and grow personally, with a home-based business. What I love about this is it is the opportunity I have been looking for...I get to be my own boss, take more time with my family, give myself the opportunity to make anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to $20,000 or more in monthly residual income and grow individually along the way! I'll tell more details about this throughout my blogging!

Second, I made the decision I want to train for my first half-marathon and since there is one here in Vegas that friends do every year, I thought why not? It will help me stay on track to working out and I really do feel good when I run! It's something I never thought about doing until last year. I had a few friends who have run the half in Vegas the last two years and it got me thinking it would be a cool thing to go for. Plus this year they have changed it to a Rock n' Roll so there's suppose to be some fun entertainment along the way. I will continue updating how my training is going and how I'm feeling throughout...wish me luck!

Third, I have about 15 pounds I still want to lose to get back to where I was before having my two girls. This is combining a little of my other two goals as well! The running and workouts to prepare for the half-marathon will obviously help. Also, the new company I am working with in my home-based business just came out with this awesome new 100% natural meal-replacement shake that is not only great for losing weight, but also targets the inner fat that is SO hard to get rid of, and it gives you more energy! So I will be tracking my weight and measurements throughout this process as well. I am currently trying to find 10 people to join me on this one for 90 days on the shakes to see what results we get. I have 4 looking into it, but still need 10 to get started! Then I will weigh and do measurements...yikes!

So there's a quick introduction to what my blog will be about...basically keeping me on track with my goals I have set for myself and really want to reach! Hopefully you will enjoy seeing my transformation in all three areas.