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Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Forward with my Weight Loss Challenge!

I am so happy, I have received all of my NutriiVeda meal replacement shakes so I'm ready to start my own personal weight loss challenge. I've had a few people sign up to join me so far and I look forward to tracking my progress and supporting them as they do the same! I'm still looking for more to join in though. I have found I always do so much better when I have other people to help push me...like how they say you should workout with someone because you are much more likely to get off that couch and go if you have someone else meeting you! Well, I feel it's the same for anything...you have to hold yourself accountable, but much easier to do when you also have others who are working at it with you! So if you're interested, send me a message and I'll get you the details!

Here is what I am personally doing...I started yesterday!
NutriiVeda Shakes and Zrii supplemental drink:
I am having a NutriiVeda shake for breakfast and then another one either for lunch or right after my workout, many times that coincides because I go workout before lunch. So I'm replacing two meals with something that costs only $3 per meal and gives my body ALL of the nutrients it needs (22 vitamins and mineral, amino acids, protein), it's awesome! I'm saving some money and feeling GREAT!! I am also doing 2 ounces of the Zrii nutritional beverage each day.
I am working out 5 days a week right now because of my training for the half-marathon. So I run 3 miles one day, 4 miles three days and a long run one day. The long run started at 5 miles and I add a mile every week. I will be honest, missed my 6 mile this last Sunday due to family being in town and laziness! So as long as I stick to it from here on out I'll run my first 12 mile run the week before the half-marathon. PERFECT! On the days I am running only 3 and 4 miles I am also doing some total body weight training after.

So yesterday I weighed myself and took measurements and will do it again in a week to see where I am...I'll post the results!! Very excited to see what happens because these shakes not only help people lose weight, but they also target the inner fat so often times you see more results in the inches you lose! Fine with me, I've never been much of a "scale" person...it's more about how I feel when I put clothes on!! If I can put my first outfit on and love how it fits, we're moving in the right direction!!! Ladies reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

So right now I am working towards losing 14 more pounds and inches off of my waist and hips. Those wonderful areas my two beautiful babies added to the most!!! SO worth it, but time for me to get them back...or actually I want to make them better than before:) I'm back into a size 10, when I can comfortably fit (comfortably meaning zip up and breathe and no pain whatsoever) into a size 8...it will be time to reward myself with a new outfit! Remember, you want to set even short goals to reach!

I am really excited to get this going for myself and to share with others. I have many friends and family who are already seeing some great results from these shakes. I want in on it!! Especially if I can do it before the holidays. And not because I'll then be able to eat everything in sight, but because I'll have better eating habits so I won't be AS tempted! But a few of my mother-in-laws sugar cookies won't hurt (if she'll make some here in Vegas for us)!

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