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Thank you for visiting my blog! Here I share my ups and downs of being a mom who has tried working from home, but most importantly wants to be healthy and share it with others. If you can make money while doing it...AWESOME!

I have a passion for LIFE and that includes my family, working out, eating healthy, and sharing what works and doesn't work with others.

I LOVE working with Xango and their new product Favao, it gives me the opportunity to mentor others to reach their health and wealth goals!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Important to Celebrate!

Again...I should be doing homework, but this is more fun!  Actually, the assignment is one I'm interested in, it's putting together a lesson plan to teach 11th graders about what they need to do to prepare for college.  It's one of the reasons I decided to be a school counselor, so I better do a good job!  It was interesting, I was visiting with our baby sitter who is a junior at our local high school and told her what I was working on.  She said she wishes I was her counselor because hers has been NO help at all.  Fortunately for my sitter, she's a very smart girl and will figure it out...but she shouldn't have to!  She said her parents didn't go to college the "traditional" way straight from high school, so they also don't know a lot about what she needs to do.  Hearing this makes me want to get through and help some kids out!  I hate hearing of anyone who doesn't do their job...especially when others are relying on them!  So I told her I'll help her out in any way I can...great practice for me, and help her at the same time!!

This truly was a GREAT weekend!  Started off by celebrating my wonderful husbands' birthday on Friday.  My youngest daughter picked out a cute monster cake for daddy and then after we picked my other daughter up from school, we sang happy birthday.  This is always a little bitter sweet for us.  Scott and I don't have any family here, his live in Connecticut and mine are in New Mexico.  So when we have birthdays or holidays, it really makes us miss all of them.  We make the most of it, but it would be so much more fun if they were all here to celebrate with us, like if we lived closer to them...like they all get to with each other!  But it was still nice. 

Scott and I went to this AMAZING restaurant at the top of TheHotel at Mandalay Bay called Mix.  This place was beautiful, all white with this amazing chandelier made of clear glass bubbles that went all the way up to this HUGE high ceiling and around it were floor to ceiling windows overlooking the strip.  The food was SO delicious I can't even explain it.  We started with a tuna tartare appetizer that was great and then we decided to try something new for dinner.  We usually split, but I had a special deal so we had to each get an entree.  I'm glad because we got to try two amazing dishes!  He had a bison filet that was so juicy and tender...WOW!  And I had this fish called Barramundi, the waiter described it similar to Mahi Mahi...whatever...it was FANTASTIC!!!  And everything that came with it was superb.  Our waiter was a little annoying (can't stand bad service when you go to a place with these prices...but he made up for it).  He would seriously leave mid-conversation with us when this other table called on him...I couldn't believe it!  So I noticed they got this yummy looking drinks at the end of their dinner and asked what they were.  Something that came with their dinner, but he brought us 2 on the house.  So his tip was quite nice for that, and the drink was so YUMMY!  After dinner we went to their bar/lounge that's connected to the restaurant but ALL black!  Pretty cool.  Yummy drinks and the bathroom was awesome.  Two of the stalls had floor to ceiling windows with the most amazing view while doing your business!!  We just had the most amazing time together and that was the most important part!

I love that I can still go out with my husband after being together 14 1/2 years and not care if anyone else is around...sometimes prefer it that way!  We just have the best time together and always look forward to having more time together.  The night was PERFECT:)

I have to share one story...I had purchased a new dress to celebrate losing 10 lbs and for a special night out.  I was so excited when I bought it because it was a size small (can't even tell you the last time I wore this size of anything other than a golf glove!) and it was fitted to boot!  I put it on and was feeling pretty good, Scott of course said it looked good.  As we walked up to the elevator to the restaurant, this woman says, "I have to tell you that dress is gourgeous and it looks amazing on you!".  Oh my gosh, she had no idea how that made me feel!  I was definitely on cloud 9 now. 

We attended a baby shower today for one of Scott's co-workers.  It's fun how it reminds you of your own baby shower and just so crazy how you look back and it goes so fast!  Reminder, it's so important to celebrate all of the small things too.  Life is full of surprises, so enjoy the journey and all those along with you!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Why's Help to Reach My Goals!

I found this old post and it's always inspiring when I look at my "Why".  It's how you achieve goals, success comes from within yourself. So I'm reposting some of the old post here, but have made changes to fit where I am today!  If you really want to accomplish something in life for yourself and be successful, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR WHY! I've heard this before, and I've heard it work for many successful people. 

In order to stick to your goals, you really need a strong "WHY" and need it to be written down somewhere you will often see it. This is how you keep going no matter how tough times may get. So for this blog, I wanted to share my "WHY's"!

Why I want to be successful in my home-based business (while still finishing my Masters in School Counseling):
My #1 "WHY" is definitely my family. The reason I was drawn to network marketing before, was to have more time with my family. I want to be able to be there for my girls, they grow up so fast! They are now almost 4 and 6 years old, I don't want to miss a thing. I also want to have a lot of time with my husband, alone and with the girls!

My #2 reason is to be able to take some of the pressure off of my husband as he has been our only income since I quit my last sales job in August of 2008. He does well enough that I am fortunate enough to not work. But I've always worked, before kids I was a work-a-holic! Always sales, but I got burned out on sales. I wanted something that would give me more flexibility to be with my family, but still give me a way to help bring in extra income and in a way that I could feel good about doing it.  Selling products and healthy weight loss systems that are truly healthy are what I can be passionate about.

My #3 reason is to help other people be successful for themselves. I would love to learn to be a great Mentor to others.  The "heavy hitters sales" approach I have worked with before never felt like the right fit for me. I like the idea of a coach MUCH better! In fact, as one of my earlier blogs told, I found myself lost in the last couple of network marketing companies because I felt their way of doing it didn't fit me and I was not successful because of it.  I then looked into becoming a personal trainer. I LOVE working out and learning about health and wellness. I thought that might be a great way to help others feel better and be successful...however, I realized in order to be successful I would have to work a lot of hours, therefore going against my #1 Why!  This is when I made the decision to go back to school to be a school counselor, something I've thought about many times (also told about in a previous blog).  It gives me time with my family...but, it doesn't get me a job for 3 years! 

So, re-writing my top 3 reasons "WHY" brings me back to network marketing. However, it's with a different company who has a different approach! The leaders and company are there to mentor you to your success to reach your "WHY". They have created a comp plan and system that truly seems to help part-timers make money too, not just the top 2% leaders! Therefore, part-timers also see success. That's where I fit in for right now...long-term, I want to make a lot more money. But for now, I'm a part-timer looking to make extra money each month for my family, spend more time with my family, and build some awesome relationships within my company and those who join me!

So there's my "WHY's". Where will they take me in 5 years?  Who knows...but I'm loving the journey they've taken me on so far and am VERY excited to see where it goes from here!  I've put my "WHY's" in writing and put them out there for others to see, so you can see how passionate I am about them! I'd love to hear, what's your why? Email me at mnicholsonww@yahoo.com

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Excited to see Changing Lives! People I Love and People I'm Just Meeting!

Welcome to a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!  I should be finishing up a homework assignment for my class tonight...but I'm TOO excited about what Favao is doing.  So...I had to share it on my blog!  I'll finish the homework after:) 

Favao has been doing some amazing things the last few months.  It is most definitely a lifestyle reset, however, what I really love about it is it is a reset that you can stick with for life!  As you've read in my previous posts, I have been on a long journey to find a way to get results from my working out and eating healthy.  I'll say it again, I have never had a problem working out.  I LOVE working out.  In fact, my husband has many times told me I become a little too obsessed with it!  But it makes me feel good and gives me that special time each day for myself!  If you're a mom, you know how important this is!  However, it started to get SO frustrating when I was doing this, but did not see a body when I looked in the mirror that I thought I should have after working out all week burning 800-1000 calories per work out.  With Favao, I'm excited to look at the body in the mirror and ecstatic to say, "that's me"! 

I am even more happy with Favao now because I have family and friends who are starting to try Favao and see results!  I cannot wait to see them after their 12 weeks.  I'm so excited for my parents who have started it and are already getting great results.  My dad has dropped below a weight he's struggled to get to for years...it's so wonderful when you hear your parents are feeling good and knowing that very soon they'll be looking better than they knew they could! 

I have friends who are starting or who have started.  Some who have struggled along with me for YEARS!  I cannot say how excited I am to see their results.  I've told one in particular, we'll be hanging out at the pool when she's here in April...both in bikinis!!  That's a good goal, don't you think?  I'm actually getting excited to go shopping for that bikini!!

I know so many people who struggle with getting weight off.  We all have tried how many things to lose it, the magic quick ways or even the healthier ways, but they don't stick.  If you can commit to this 12-week lifestyle reset, it will be so easy to keep it going.  And it's not just good for me, it's good for my whole family.  I have healthier food in the house for my kids.  I can teach my girls how to eat healthy, so hopefully there will be NO reason for them to worry about their weight in the future...no reason to look for easy fixes or unhealthy ones! 

Let me know if you would like more information.  Here's a motivating picture I found and wanted to share:

Hope you have a wonderful day!  Time to eat my yummy egg white breakfast burrito and baked apples with Favao whipped topping!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Favaolicious Week!

I just completed week 7, started week 8 today!  I had a FANTASTIC week, weighed in losing 4 more pounds and another .25 from my mid section.  I have now lost 8 pounds putting me at 140 pounds for the first time since I had my oldest daughter, Sienna (who turns 6 in March)!  I'm only 5 pounds away from my goal of 135.  However, if I can get to 130 looking fit and trim, that will be my ultimate goal!  I've lost 4 inches from my belly and 3 from my hips.  I'm SO excited about these results and feel absolutely wonderful.  It's just so nice to put my skinny jeans on and for them to feel a little loose, not tight, not uncomfortable, but a little like I may need to buy a smaller size soon.  That will be a major celebration!  I've been wearing size 12 for a LONG time, could squeeze into a 10, but hate tight.  So my goal is to get to wearing a size 8-10.  You know you'll be hearing the shout when that happens!! 

I'm just so excited to share this new healthy lifestyle with anyone who will listen.  I look forward to more people recognizing it's a lifestyle change worth going for.  Many are interested, most are still pondering.  But there are some amazing stories happening with Favao.  My friend Marci is doing amazing.  She signed up because she's really struggled losing after her last child who will soon be a year old.  After 2 weeks she lost 7 pounds and inches and feels so amazing.  She's so excited to start sharing her story with people.  We want everyone to be healthy and happy wearing smaller jeans!!

I just had to give a little quick update.  For more information, watch this quick video at www.melissanicholson.mymangosteen.com/solution

Have a Wonderful Week!!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's all about lifestyle change...not dieting!

When I look back and think of all of the money I've spent and things I've tried to lose weight and get the body I want, it's frustrating to no end!  And don't even get my husband started, it's one of the things I do that drives him CRAZY!  This is why I'm so excited about Favao, a weight loss program that takes 12 weeks to Reset your body.  Then it's easy to maintain, you can choose from meals in the book and make your own meal plans, you don't crave sweets and carbs anymore, and you're just overall smarter about the food choices you make!  I've read so many articles about living healthy and I love learning about it.  My favorite magazine is Women's Health, so much great information!  My problem hasn't been lack of information, it's been lack of putting a plan together that I can stick to.

Favao has done all of this for me and that's why I am now starting Week 7 on the plan and have no desire to stop!  Typically I make it, oh, maybe a month on something. I've tried Weight Watchers online a couple of times, lost a few pounds and then got tired of tracking after a few weeks...both times!  I don't like Weight Watchers because you can still eat so many sweets, just as long as you stay under your points.  That doesn't work for me, I LOVE sweets, I needed a program that helped me not crave sweets anymore.  There are sweet things on Favao, so I don't have to say goodbye to them.  For example, this week my Power Snack is Baked Apple Pie...Yum!!  I also used MyFitnessPal on my phone to track my calories.  I know I burn enough calories, and my problem is the calories I put into my body.  Did it work?  Yes!  But yet again, I got tired of entering everything in and tracking everything so this plan only lasted maybe 2-3 weeks.  I try going back to it, but the thought of all that tracking turns me off.

This is why I love Favao!  This amazing team of personal trainers and nutritionists have put together a program I can follow.  They tell me what to cook, how much goes in each meal, what I can substitute if I don't like something, and even when to eat each meal!  Crazy!  The preparing is the hardest part, takes me a couple of hours, but then the rest of the week I'm done.  Just cook dinner!  I love it and because they've made it this simple, I'm sticking to it and will continue to even after the 12 weeks is over. 

I feel more energy than I have in a long time.  And the success stories are awesome!  Here are some Real Results from Real People on Favao that Cat Parker has posted on Facebook:
1 week on FAVAO Check in: 5.4lbs and 8" lost!!
Goals for week 2: drink water. 4 -16oz bottles a day. Gotta build up to 6 bottles.

Down 12 lbs and 3 inches in the waist.

Ann Total -11 pounds== 4 inches off my waist, 2 off my hips, and 2 off my chest, for a total of 8 inches. I should have measured thighs and upper arms, too. My rings are loose, my watch is more of a bracelet now, too. HOORAY FOR FAVAO!!!

My husband Dan is so excited! He has lost 10lbs since Jan 1, all extra fat he didn't need anyway.

Wednesday Morning, 17 lbs in 4 complete weeks! Feeling GREAT

Amy I am down 7.5 lbs in 10 days! More than I lost all last summer, when I was on Weight Watchers! I don't have a lot to lose, so a loss like this is huge!!!

As for me, I'm still going, lost another .25 inches from my waist!  Every single inch is a WIN!!!!  Here's to Week 7, I'm excited!  Prepared my meals last night and I'm excited to eat!  I'll be having Strawberry Ice Cream first thing (my Metabolic Booster Meal), then Berry Pancakes with Favao whipped topping for Breakfast, then Baked Apple Pie (Power Snack), Turkey Cheese Wrap with Orange Smoothie for lunch, homemade Chips & Salsa (Energy Snack), and Chicken Taco Soup for dinner!!!  Tell me that's a diet:)  And have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Whole New Direction!

I've made a lot of changes since my last post...A LOT! First I stopped doing anything home business related and decided to just enjoy my girls and start figuring out what I was going to do once they are both in school! I looked into becoming a personal trainer. I love working out and would love helping others learn to live healthier and feel better.  As I looked into it I realized it would put me back into sells...and I so don't want to go there again! So next I started to revisit my thoughts on being a school counselor. When I was getting my bachelor degree...many years ago...in Psychology, I really wanted to be a counselor. But at the time you had to teach first and I knew I didn't want to teach!  It's different now and I found a great on-campus program through University of Phoenix.  I started classes in September and have made the right decision, I'm so excited to be a counselor at a middle school or high school!  It's going to be perfect, I'll graduate the summer before my youngest starts 1st grade and then we will all be on the same schedule!

In the last couple of months I also found a way to finally take inches off of my belly and hips.  This is something that has been driving me absolutely CRAZY for the last couple of years!  As I've discussed in previous posts on my blog, I have been working out 4-6 days a week doing weight training and some hard-core cardio (like burning 800-1000 calories just during the class and many more after) and not getting any loss in inches.  Talk about frustrating!  I even went and met a doctor to see about having water lipo done because I figured the reason I wasn't getting rid of the belly or huge hips was because I was stuck with it, brought on by the good genes I had been born with!  I didn't understand AT ALL how I wasn't losing even 1/8th of an inch in those two places.  I felt better and did look better, but definitely not the way I felt I should look after doing these workouts and watching what I ate!

So about 7 weeks ago I saw a family friend from my hometown posting something about a new weight loss program her and her husband were doing.  Lisa has been a distributor of Xango for about 6 years or so and she has been trying to get me to join her in Xango since I was signed up with Hager Marketing and getting into network marketing.  After my horrific experience with Hager and Zrii I had no interest whatsoever!  Xango had a juice, so does every other company.  They also had vitamins and had come out with makeup and hair products...I felt who cares, get that other places.  But then she posted about this weight management program they were pre-launching and asked her for information.  Xango finally had something I was interested in.  The video hit me hard, there was a woman in the video, Robyn, who is part of the team who produced this whole program.  Her story was me...work out all the time and she ate better than I did.  Then I saw her "before" picture, you could have put my face on the picture and it was my body with my story!  Then I saw her "after" picture after completing 12 weeks on this new program called Favao.  WOW!  I had to try it, this could save me thousands of dollars if doing it got my body looking like it would, or actually better, if I had the lipo done.

I signed up for their pre-launch.  It came with a book with 12 weeks of meal plans and excercises and a ton of options for switching meals if you don't like something, a 1 year online subscription with everything in the book plus a ton more, a fiber to mix with water, and a cleanse.  I was a little questionnable about making my meals for the week in one day, but sounded worth it.  The day of preparing did take some time...however, that week was awesome because I didn't have to think about what I was going to eat.  Just made something different from the book for dinner every night!  Then I got to weigh and measure after my 1st week was over...AND...I lost 3 lbs...but more importantly, I lost 2 inches from my belly AND 2 inches from my hips! 

The first month was a little tough, I started on December 4.  It was holiday time when there's a ton of get togethers, parties and goodies to be had!  I also had family in town for 10 days and then went to visit family out of town for 10 days.  I stuck to the program 90% I would say...got a little more difficult towards the end of my trip.  BUT...I didn't gain any back!  So while most people, me included in the past, gain weight over the holidays, I lost 5 lbs and 3 inches from my belly and 2 inches from my hips!

I'm so excited about this, especially now that the holidays are over and I can get back on track!  Plus, they have now launched the full program so in addition to the yummy fiber and yummy cleanse, I have a metabolic (promotes fat burning & healthy metabolism, increases overall energy, maintains blood-glucose levels, helps normalize appetite) and their new whey protein shake in vanilla flavor that is the most delicious I've ever had!  I've noticed my grocery shopping being a lot less, I don't go everyday anymore, and it's cheaper!  This week I've even convinced my husband to let me make him the meals...he wants to get rid of his belly!  So we'll see how he does just on the meal plan!!

If you would like more info, see the video at www.melissanicholson.mymangosteen.com/solution
Yes, I'm sort of in sells again, in network marketing again.  I went home and had a lot of people tell me I looked skinny.  I never felt so great and decided if people are going to notice my results, why not make some money to help pay for my products when I tell them about this amazing program!  It's healthy, it's easy, it's cost effective, and IT WORKS!!  I also have to add, after watching the opportunity video Lisa sent me, I saw they have a great system in place to build a business if I choose to. 

Talk again soon!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

MLM Heavy Hitters - I Choose to Stear Clear!!!

This last week has been pretty amazing.  I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman who has joined Mentoring For Free and I see a VERY bright future for her!  I am so excited to have her on the team as she will continue to inspire me.  I also came across a quote that I simply love and that reminded me again why Mentoring For Free is such a great system and why the free ebook Success in 10 Steps has helped me in so many ways.  The quote is:

"Many people like to think that they'll find balance AFTER they find success.  But in reality, achieving balance IS success." ~ Brian Koslow

The very first chapter in Success in 10 Steps talks about Heavy Hitters in network marketing.  The fact that they've lied to you!!  This quote hit home when I saw it the other day and brought back a HUGE flashback I had with a heavy hitter in a previous MLM company I was with.  It was my first MLM company, so I had no idea.  However, when I had one conversation in particular with this flashy and very successful network marketer, my gut said RUN!!!  I had only been with the company a few months, and started out VERY strong!  I had many people excited about this new venture I was getting into and even without knowing the products, they trusted me and were ready to sign up.  I had quit my recruiting job and was now spending MORE time with this home-based business than I did on the job I quit.  It was getting crazy.  Spending more time, spending WAY too much money, and not getting much as far as paychecks.  I was very frustrated.

The "heavy hitter" was in town and attending one of our meetings.  I was so excited to sit down with him and  discuss what I was doing and see what I needed to change to improve the income.  My first question was how to BALANCE everything.  I went into network marketing to have a more balanced life with my husband and kids, to have more time with them, yet still work and bring in some money.  I'll never forget what he said.  He told me I needed to realize that I may have to live the next year or two unbalanced in order to provide that for my family down the road...in order to make the money that will give us more time with eachother.  Now, this guy had a kid and a wife, but he was travelling ALL of the time.  And he had been doing it for I think 5 years.  So I'm looking at him going, sure you have a flashy Rolex that probably costs more than my car and drive a car that cost as much as my house almost...but does your daughter know you?  Do you know her? 

So I said to him..."I'm not willing to do that, I want balance, I want MORE time with my kids now, not when they are teenagers and want nothing to do with me".  Know what he did?  Said alright, it's been great meeting you, but I'm tired.  He got up, put his jacket on and our conversation was OVER!  I knew then and there my gut was right.  This guy wasn't in this business to help me or anyone else, just himself completely.  Once he realized I wasn't willing to spend every hour possible on the phone or doing presentations to get more people signed up in our business, I wasn't worth his time.  Talk about a slap in the face!  That was the beginning of the end for me in that company.  I had already felt like it wasn't right, I was buying all this product and training and marketing and not seeing any return.  I was losing distributors like crazy because they were doing the same...they were just smarter and got out a lot faster than I did!

Then about 6 months later I decided to open this free ebook someone on Facebook had sent to me.  I had noticed it before and thought, "yeah right it's free, nothing to do with MLM is free".  But I opened it and started reading it.  And right in the first chapter Michael says on page 13, "It's not your fault.  Let that sink in.  How does it make you feel?  I don't care what any heavy hitter has ever told you.  Fact is they've lied to you.  Doesn't that make you angry?" 

The story I just shared with you is one of MANY that make me very angry about my first MLM experience.  I'm sure you can relate!  My hope is to get this information to as many people as possible before they have a lot to be angry about.  This business is awesome, you'll meet some of the most amazing people in it who will inspire you.  You can make a lot of money with the right 5 pillar company and the right system. 

If you are in MLM and struggling or thinking about trying it.  Please, please, please read this free ebook at http://mnicholson.successin10steps.com/?mad=48381 and save yourself a great deal of frustration and anger.  It really is free and a great book to keep in your library! 

Here's a great quote from the ebook, "Success leaves footprints in the sand that you can follow.  If you can't follow the footprints, you must be on the wrong beach." ~ Michael Dlouhy (pg. 12)  It's a great quote because if you are in a company that does not have a system that is easy to duplicate, it won't be easy to get your downline to duplicate either and you'll be spinning your wheels.  Mentoring For Free is a system that works no matter what MLM company you are with.  You can learn more about it at http://www.mnicholson.mentoringforfree.com/