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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Favaolicious Week!

I just completed week 7, started week 8 today!  I had a FANTASTIC week, weighed in losing 4 more pounds and another .25 from my mid section.  I have now lost 8 pounds putting me at 140 pounds for the first time since I had my oldest daughter, Sienna (who turns 6 in March)!  I'm only 5 pounds away from my goal of 135.  However, if I can get to 130 looking fit and trim, that will be my ultimate goal!  I've lost 4 inches from my belly and 3 from my hips.  I'm SO excited about these results and feel absolutely wonderful.  It's just so nice to put my skinny jeans on and for them to feel a little loose, not tight, not uncomfortable, but a little like I may need to buy a smaller size soon.  That will be a major celebration!  I've been wearing size 12 for a LONG time, could squeeze into a 10, but hate tight.  So my goal is to get to wearing a size 8-10.  You know you'll be hearing the shout when that happens!! 

I'm just so excited to share this new healthy lifestyle with anyone who will listen.  I look forward to more people recognizing it's a lifestyle change worth going for.  Many are interested, most are still pondering.  But there are some amazing stories happening with Favao.  My friend Marci is doing amazing.  She signed up because she's really struggled losing after her last child who will soon be a year old.  After 2 weeks she lost 7 pounds and inches and feels so amazing.  She's so excited to start sharing her story with people.  We want everyone to be healthy and happy wearing smaller jeans!!

I just had to give a little quick update.  For more information, watch this quick video at www.melissanicholson.mymangosteen.com/solution

Have a Wonderful Week!!! 

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