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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Excited to see Changing Lives! People I Love and People I'm Just Meeting!

Welcome to a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!  I should be finishing up a homework assignment for my class tonight...but I'm TOO excited about what Favao is doing.  So...I had to share it on my blog!  I'll finish the homework after:) 

Favao has been doing some amazing things the last few months.  It is most definitely a lifestyle reset, however, what I really love about it is it is a reset that you can stick with for life!  As you've read in my previous posts, I have been on a long journey to find a way to get results from my working out and eating healthy.  I'll say it again, I have never had a problem working out.  I LOVE working out.  In fact, my husband has many times told me I become a little too obsessed with it!  But it makes me feel good and gives me that special time each day for myself!  If you're a mom, you know how important this is!  However, it started to get SO frustrating when I was doing this, but did not see a body when I looked in the mirror that I thought I should have after working out all week burning 800-1000 calories per work out.  With Favao, I'm excited to look at the body in the mirror and ecstatic to say, "that's me"! 

I am even more happy with Favao now because I have family and friends who are starting to try Favao and see results!  I cannot wait to see them after their 12 weeks.  I'm so excited for my parents who have started it and are already getting great results.  My dad has dropped below a weight he's struggled to get to for years...it's so wonderful when you hear your parents are feeling good and knowing that very soon they'll be looking better than they knew they could! 

I have friends who are starting or who have started.  Some who have struggled along with me for YEARS!  I cannot say how excited I am to see their results.  I've told one in particular, we'll be hanging out at the pool when she's here in April...both in bikinis!!  That's a good goal, don't you think?  I'm actually getting excited to go shopping for that bikini!!

I know so many people who struggle with getting weight off.  We all have tried how many things to lose it, the magic quick ways or even the healthier ways, but they don't stick.  If you can commit to this 12-week lifestyle reset, it will be so easy to keep it going.  And it's not just good for me, it's good for my whole family.  I have healthier food in the house for my kids.  I can teach my girls how to eat healthy, so hopefully there will be NO reason for them to worry about their weight in the future...no reason to look for easy fixes or unhealthy ones! 

Let me know if you would like more information.  Here's a motivating picture I found and wanted to share:

Hope you have a wonderful day!  Time to eat my yummy egg white breakfast burrito and baked apples with Favao whipped topping!!

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