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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pray for Little JJ!

I just got an updated blog from my friend Amy. Her 3 year old son, JJ, recently had a major surgery done to have his "closure surgery" which was to have his liver put back in . Her family worked hard to raise money for his surgery and now they are having to do it all over again on November 11th. When I first heard of little JJ it just broke my heart, as a mother I cannot imagine what Amy and her husband and family are going through. I am so blessed and thank God every day for my two girls who are healthy. Reading JJ's story really is something, he's such a trooper, as his mom writes, and it's so wonderful to hear that. However, it's so hard on all of them. He has had problems since his surgery, so hopefully they can figure it out and get the little guy feeling better so he can play with his big sister and not have the pains anymore!

Amy has a blog to tell JJ's story, please take a look at it at http://teamhelpjj.blogspot.com/ and if you can donate, that is wonderful! Or, you may be interested in purchasing some beautiful watch bands Amy has made or bows or headbands. This will all go to the surgery, so anything is helpful! Christmas is coming soon, here are some great gifts to buy and for a great cause! Your thoughts and prayers are also very much appreciated.

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