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Friday, November 20, 2009

Half-Marathon Has to Wait....

Well, I have some news that I am not happy to share, but dealing with! A few weeks ago I ran my 7 mile run and started having some major pain under and around my knee cap. I went a little easy on it and it started to feel a little better, but then when I ran in Connecticut outside with more hills than I had been, it really started bothering me again. The cold just made it freeze up completely and sitting for very long made it stiff.

I visited an Orthopedic doctor a week and a half ago in hopes he could help me get back on track for my half-marathon that is only 2 weeks away now. He didn't have horrible news, but not great either. It seems an old knee injury from Jr. High was causing some problems, a lot of inflammation behind my knee cap that was causing the tendon to rub on the bone and causing the pain. I was given a steroid shot in the knee and his initial advice was to take a full week off from any workouts. I freaked knowing my half-marathon at that time was only about 3 1/2 weeks away, so he said I could ride a stationary bike for a week and see how it holds up and then try running again. If the pain continued I would have to come back in for an MRI to really see what's going on.

So I did the bike for a week, still had about 15% of the pain. Ran a mile after 15 minutes on the bike after a week and the pain was back the next morning about 40%. I had to make a decision. I could keep pushing myself, I've been so pumped about reaching this goal of running my first half-marathon! However, then I'd chance really doing some damage and having to have surgery possibly and then be out for who knows how long. Well, that decision made it easier for me...through my training I have gotten myself in better shape than I've been in, probably since high school! I'm back in the same size clothes I was wearing before I got pregnant with my first daughter and I feel great! No way am I going to chance putting all that back on for one day of running a half-marathon.

I admit that I am REALLY bummed. However, I look at it this way...I can continue taking it easy for another week with lighter workouts and hopefully the pain will go away and then I can start back to running 3-4 miles 4-5 days a week. If I can get back to that and continue with my weight training there is a chance I can do another half-marathon a little later. Right now I just need to get this pain gone...hopefully without having to go back in for an MRI!

I got into a little bit of a funk with my working out and my home-based business and I have realized it was because I was having so much pain during my runs. If you have read my earlier blog entries, when I talked about running I felt fantastic! I really felt so positive about everything. As my knee started bothering me I was not enjoying the runs as much, just trying to push through them to get to that end goal. I have come to realize it was affecting me in so many ways, not just in my workouts. I was feeling less excited about my work, crankier with my husband, and just all-around less motivated.

Now that I have made this decision I feel I am back on track! My fitness goal has changed, it's not to run my first half-marathon (not this month anyway), but to continue changing my body through running, lifting and having fun with it and with the meal replacement shakes that are really helping me to transform my body by getting rid of the internal fat that has built up! The inches are still coming off and I love it!

I also have a new Mission Statement that I finally put together and have posted to see everyday. I also realized that I stopped following my mentors and was just half-listening to their teachings. I know this has set me back, but I've learned and I am ready to move forward!

Mission Statement:
I am committed to being a devoted wife, mother, and friend who blesses family, friends, and people I meet with a plan to ensure both them and myself to take control of our health, wealth, and time in order to live the lifestyles we desire.

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