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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Promote YOU, Not Your MLM Company!

I've been going through some amazing training with Mentoring For Free, but there's one point that has already made the biggest change in my home-based business...don't promote my network marketing company, promote me!  Don't promote my MLM company products, promote me!  Why?  I was just in a training call and they said there are now somewhere around 3,000 companies out there claiming to be network marketing companies.  This is the most basic reason as to why you should promote you and not your MLM company, why would you want to have competition with 3,000 other companies.  Then you are comparing your compensation plan to theirs, your product to theirs, your upline to theirs, and on and on!  I'd much rather sell myself and the system and leadership and coaching I can offer someone first and foremost!  I like to think I am much more competitive this way:)

Second, put yourself in your prospects shoes.  As for myself, I prefer someone to approach me and find out a little about who I am and what I'm looking for and WHY I'm looking for it before they just start in on me about this new amazing company where I can work only 3-5 hours per week to start my home-based business on a part-time basis and very quickly start making $10,000 or $20,000 per week if I'm coachable and teachable.  You know what?  I fell for it once and sadly the people I was sponsored by did too.  I can unfortunately say, none of them or me made it to that $10,000 or $20,000 per week...not even a few hundred per week.  Why, because we were being taught the recruit, recruit, recruit system to not care so much about the people, just get them to sign up and get them to sign people up, etc.  You know that system, I'm sure many of you reading this have been there!  The one where you work so hard to get friends on Facebook who love the positive things you have to say whether through quotes or your personal life, yet once you start promoting your MLM company it's all over and you see your friends list going down almost as fast as it's going up.  The worst part of this is the people "de-friending" you are the warm market people, the ones you have known for years, maybe even some family members start ignoring what you have to say!  I wasn't comfortable with that system and it wasn't who I am.  Most people, I think will agree with me on this one!

Now I promote myself!  For those friends and followers who are interested in network marketing, I can now offer a system for anyone to use, no matter what network marketing company they are in that is FREE!  I can show them that I truly do care about their success because I'm not pushing a company or specific opportunity on them!  I'm finding out their "why" and helping them move forward in their own journey, and I love that we get to do go through this journey together!

As I've found through Mentoring For Free, just as the free eBook states, you need a System That Works!  "...you need to do lead generation, prospect follow-up, sponsoring and training.  If you can do them all in one system, so much the better."  This is EXACTLY what Mentoring For Free offers everyone who chooses to use it!  Not only a system for you to use to work smarter and become more successful, but a system you can get all of your team using so as a team you are working smarter and becoming more successful together!

I've mentioned my "why's" before for doing network marketing and because I feel so passionately about them, I'll keep mentioning them!  One is to help others reach their own success.  MLM is an industry, when done right and with a 5 Pillar Company, where you not only reach your own goals and "why's", but you help others do the same over and over again!  (See http://mnicholson.5pillarstosuccess.com/ to buy the CD or ask me for the link to listen for FREE to learn what makes a 5 Pillar Company).  Pay it forward, and the best way to do this is to promote yourself and offer Mentoring For Free to anyone who wants to do network marketing.  Download your Free eBook at http://mnicholson.successin10steps.com/ and see how it will change your life and your business and your relationship with others!

I hope to hear from you and begin a journey to our success together!!

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