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Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Crazy Summer...Creating Great Memories!

This has been a summer I will never forget.  It made me appreciate the time we get with family and friends and realize how fast things change!  For example, Sienna (my oldest), will start kindergarten next year (2011) and we won't have the flexibility we have now to go and visit family when it's most convenient for us.  But we made the most of this summer, so I decided to use this blog entry to reflect on it and appreciate it!  I haven't been to my blog in a long time, but all for good reasons!  Our summer has been filled with friends and family coming to visit us in Las Vegas and with a couple of trips to visit them and a lot of fun get togethers with our friends here!  It's a summer that made me so thankful I have the ability to stay at home with my girls and work from home, when I can.

The girls and I were able to go spend a week in New Mexico with my family and go camping in the beautiful Colorado Rockies for the 4th of July.  Those are memories that they will remember forever, and so will I.  Unfortunately, my husband had to stay home for this trip.  It was a great getaway for us in the heat of the summer in Vegas.  The girls could play outside pretty much all day long and I was able to catch up with my family.  I am SO thankful for my family and for the fact that I am blessed with the time to see them right now. 

We recently spent a week and a half in Connecticut, where my husbands' family lives.  That was great too.  I hate that our families live so far away from us and from eachother...however, the bright side is that our girls get to see so many beautiful and amazing places because of it.  So we make the most of it!  Camping and fishing in Colorado, and the beach and zoo in Rhode Island!  I look forward to when they are older and we can take them to Boston and New York City.  Growing up in New Mexico, those are places I never thought I'd see...but met my husband and got the chance to live there and now go back and show our girls what awesome places they are!

Now our vacations are over and everyone elses are too, so time to get back to a routine!  I'm excited though, I'm still able to spend quality time with my husband and girls while I get back to a home-based business that is enjoyable and rewarding.  This is so much better than having to go back to a 9-5 job (if not more hours) that I really hate and that pulls me away from the people who mean the most to me.  I love the time I get with my friends and our kids, building memories they'll never forget.  But I'm also very excited to get back to work and back to introducing more people to the wonderful network marketing industry and how to do it in a way that works for them!  I have finally found a job where I can really balance my work and my family.  

Having time to take trips like this with my family and the time to spend with those who mean the most to me reminds me of why I have made the plan to stay out of the corporate world.  I don't want to go back to the job where I have to work when I'm told and take vacation when I'm told.  Or worry if I'm going to be laid off.  I have found my Plan B in network marketing and even though it's in it's early stages, I have the determination to make it work!  I have an amazing success story to share.  Even after Walter & Julie Reade got involved in M-L-M, they had years of failure. Then they managed to turn it all around with the Mentoring For Free system.  Read their story here if you're interested, http://mnicholson.mentoringforfree.com/zSUCCESS_Reade.php

I hope you enjoy my story and Walter and Julie's and hope you have a wonderful day!!

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