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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It wasn't My Fault! I found the MLM Secrets!!

For those who have been following my Blog, you have seen me go through many different transitions...and I didn't start this Blog very long ago:) But this is the reason I started this Blog. I am making alterations in my life physically, mentally and even spiritually and the journey has been amazing! Definitely a lot of ups and downs...from my excitement in running my first half marathon being smashed by a knee injury; my first network marketing experience making me feel like a HUGE failure; difficulties in weight loss and seeing how great it is when you don't give up!

Well, have I got a story for you:) As I mentioned in my last Blog, I met this amazing woman named Vikki through Facebook. This is why I LOVE Facebook...I truly have met some wonderful and inspiring people. Vikki is not only inspiring, she has given me hope and the system to make my "Why" (also shared in the previous Blog) become a reality! Now, because I feel SO strongly about my "why", I wasn't going to give up and definitely won't be giving up now!

I read this free eBook that changed my life! I felt like I was a failure in my first network marketing company, but was searching for the right group of people to help me turn that around. I did! If you have tried network marketing or thought about it, but have been afraid of failure...you MUST read this! If you have been told by your upline, like I have many times, "Make a list of your friends and family. Call them up. Get 'em into the business. You need to hear 100 'No's for every 'Yes'." Guess what, they are LYING!! There are other ways that work better!

Want to know how? Read this
http://mnicholson.bigmlmsecrets.com/?mad=47999 Remember...it's FREE! I really didn't believe it at first, nothing seems to be free in network marketing...but here is something amazing! Not just a great eBook that gives you MANY "aha" moments...but a wonderful group of mentors who are there to mentor you for FREE. Doesn't matter what company you are with, they don't want to know, they just want to help you find the success in your business!

Unbelievable huh? Well, it's true and I really hope if you are feeling uneasy or like a failure or getting that bad feeling in your gut that the company you are working in just doesn't feel right to you or seem to be working to make you that residual income you want so badly, that you will read

I can't wait to hear what you think:) Comments are ALWAYS welcome!! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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