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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Work From Home? To OWN my LIFE!!!

I feel so blessed to OWN my life!  What does that mean?  Well, to me it means that I make the decisions about what I do and how I do it and have taken control so that a boss or company isn't controlling it for me!  I am working so hard, yet having fun, building a home-based business so that I call the shots.  No more worries about when I can take time off to hang out with my family.  I'm able work while the girls are sleeping because that's best for me!  The economy is so hard right now for so many people.  My eyes have been opened to network marketing...the good and the ugly!  Most importantly what I've learned is that it does work if you work at it and have a system to show you how!  If you are tired of working for someone else controlling your life and want to own your life, you can too!!

Thankfully I found Mentoring for Free early on...wish it had been about 8 months sooner, but better late than never!  And now I'm not only learning how to do it right, I've found a great 5 Pillar Company, a great team of mentors and the ability to help others...hopefully finding more people who are just getting started before being burned the way so many are in this industry.  But for those who have been burned, I can't wait to help them!  It's a GREAT industry, you just have to find that 5 Pillar Company and not one where the heavy hitters are taking advantage of you.  What is a 5 Pillar Company?  Check out http://mnicholson.5pillarstosuccess.com/ for more details and it will probably change your life the way it did mine!  I'm now moving forward with my business and feel great sharing it with others, instead of feeling stagnant and frustrated!

The past three weeks have been pretty crazy between different friends and family being in town, bar-b-ques with friends, entertaining kids for the summer, etc.  However, as busy as it's been, it's made me appreciate it all SO much more!  I love my life...I am blessed with the most amazing husband, daughters, parents and in-laws, family and friends both here in Vegas and those who live away.   I love the fact that I do work for myself now and especially now that I've found a group of mentors and a system that is there for ME...not for the top 2% to make all of the money while the rest of us are so frustrated.  Getting to spend this kind of time with family and friends reminds me of how important it is to me to work from home!

Now it's back to a week of working out and working on my business before the girls and I drive with my mom the 9 hours back to Aztec, NM.  Looking forward to hanging out with my brother and sister and their families and the girls getting to play with all of their cousins!  Then we are off to camp in Silverton, CO for the 4th of July...can't wait!  Hopefully Scott will be able to join us during his days off?!  But then we fly to Connecticut at the end of the month to visit his family, some well deserved time off for him!!

I have an amazing life, this blog is just to put it all down in writing!  My husband is so amazing, always so supportive of me and our girls...always working hard to provide the best for us.  I can't wait until I can help him in providing more income to take some of the stress off of him...and I will!!!  Our parents are always there for us and our kids, loving and supporting everything we do.  Wish we lived closer to them, but at least we get a lot of quality time with them throughout the year, and I'm SO thankful for every minute of it!  I am so thankful for all I have been blessed with.  Never take it for granted!

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