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Monday, April 26, 2010

Watching Calories Does Work!

So it's been WAY too long since I last blogged on here...but I've had some very positive changes. I ended up finding this great app on my iPhone called Tap & Track. LOVE It! It has a lot of food already in it so you can quickly add calories and very easy to use if you want to add your own, but it not only tracks your calories, it also tracks your Excercise. So throughout the day you enter your food for calories and select your excercise, which can even be grocery shopping or vaccumming, all those things you do in your regular day that does burn calories. For the excercise you select the level from low to moderate to high. When you enter your excercise it ups the calories you can have for the day, but still lose the weight you are shooting for. I think I set mine up to lose 1 1/2 pounds per week (only can go up to 2 per week, which is good).

After doing this for a few weeks, I lost 5 pounds! I was still excercising a lot too...at least 5 days, sometimes 6 a week. But what I've learned is you really want to mix it up! I'm seeing great results from doing this and having so much fun with it! I recently started adding Spin classes to my weekly workouts, and like everyone told me, it's addicting! I think more because of how I feel after it's over...sweat A LOT, you know your burning a ton of calories, and really works your legs, butt and core! LOVE IT! So right now my weekly workout has changed to Pump Class (new release 73 is SO hard) two days a week followed by 1.5 to 2 mile run; spin 2 days followed by Piyo those 2 days for stretching; 1 day Cardio Core (let's just say torture by Mandy...but it's great for shocking your body!); and if I feel up to it for a 6th day I do the Combat class!

I am now down to 147, was at 154 on my last blog on March 1st. In between I've definitely had some bad weeks...family in town a number of times, birthday parties and Easter! But I've still managed to take the weight off and am so excited that you now can see some definition in my arms when I'm lifting...I think they call that muscle:)

I'm really happy with what's happening to my body. Of course I'd LOVE for it to come off faster and be in a size 8, but it's coming off and because of they way I'm taking off, it should stay off! 7 pounds in 9 weeks!

I've still been using the NutriiVeda shakes for breakfast and sometimes after my workouts. Still love them! But I've been changing it up some too to get other protein.

I've also made some other changes...but I'll get to that in my next blog! Stay tuned:) Life is GREAT, I have a great husband, two beautiful and funny children, wonderful and supportive family, and time to spend with them!

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