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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Next Move!!

Ok, so in my last post I updated on how I've really been working hard on working out and watching what I eat and seeing some great results! That's just part of the transformation I've been taking in the last 4-5 months. I went through a little phase of being down about my home-based business with Zrii. I am ready to write about it, what I learned and where I'm going!

Zrii was my first try at a home-based business, I was SO excited about it and love what I learned from the people and opportunity. I am one who believes you have to try new things, sometimes they don't work out the way you'd like, but as long as you learn and grow from it...then it's TOTALLY worth it!! HMG is an amazing group of people and I did learn a great deal from them. Zrii is a great company, still love their products and what the company is all about. However, I found myself getting very frustrated in trying to grow my business. When I started, the Binary Comp plan sounded fantastic...as I got into it, it just seemed to be frustrating to me and a lot more work than I was looking for (I'll be honest, not looking to work 40+ hours a week right now...maybe in a few years).

Just a little update on my background and what brought me to home-based business...I have always been more of a work-a-holic. Then I had two beautiful baby girls who fill my life with so much joy and who made me realize time goes WAY TOO FAST! Especially seeing them grow up. I am so blessed to have a husband who has a great job and makes enough that I could take the opportunity to quit my sales job that was more stressful than enoyable at the time and have more time with my girls. I made this decision because I had got into the opportunity with the Hager Marketing Group. I thought I had found my answer! I worked really hard for the first few months, too hard...started to get away from my reason for quitting my job. I was fighting with my husband and spending way too much family time on phone calls and meetings. I had to make a decision...it was easy...my family comes first now, not work or any money that comes with it! I didn't quit Zrii, but I stopped doing the training calls and stopped talking about it as much on Facebook or to anyone and still collect paychecks, which is cool. I started to put my energy into my workouts and my family...just one thing still missing...I do want something to bring in some extra money and a little job. But it has to be from home, on my own time...not my families time...and I have to be passionate about what I'm doing!

There's an awesome video I'd also like to share. It is by Tim Sales, talking about "do most people fail in network marketing?" You can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0--zrVzemw. I highly recommend checking it out if you have tried network marketing, are currently in it, or have just considered it!

This video really hit home with me, I didn't fail, I chose to quit the one I was doing because it wasn't feeling right for me...but I didn't quit, I kept looking for one that fit me better. I have met some amazing people in the network marketing industry who are so inspiring and who do make a great living for their families working from home and yet have more time with their families. I don't want to give up on that as something I want to do.

I have found an amazing company that I am so excited to be part of. I chose this company for a handful of reasons. One, it's a new company, only 3 months old...so great timing to get in now! Two, amazing people backing the company who are forward-thinking people and who want to make a company for the average Joe. As my mentor Travis Flaherty stated, "Revolucion was created under the premise that the average person, working part time from home can still succeed at building a future for their family. That is EXACTLY what we are seeing. More meaningful checks being paid out amongst the entire organization is what it's all about." This is for me! They have the amazing training calls everyday, mentor calls on Monday nights, product training calls on Wednesday nights. I still can't do those with the schedule my husband and I have with his job and the kids...but do you know what this company does, they record every one so you can go listen when the time is good for you to work (like after kiddos are in bed)!!! It's amazing:) Oh, and I didn't even mention that they now have Health Insurance available for their distributors (even with pre-existing conditions) and this week launched an AWESOME marketing tool like no other out there for Revolucion distributors! I'm getting trained on it this afternoon, so you will be hearing more on that!!! Still haven't said anything about their awesome products!

So as you can see from my little bit of rambling...I'm excited! I feel great from working out and keeping that a priority, I'm getting a lot of quality time with my husband and kids, and I'm excited about this opportunity I have been fortunate enough to find where I can build a home-based business that works for me! That's all for now, I'll get more info out as I continue to learn, learn, learn!!!

If you are interested in learning more about Revolucion, check out my website at www.melissanicholson.revolucionww.com for now...I'll have another one with a great video to watch after the training webinar this afternoon!!!


  1. Great insights and inspirational reading. Steven M. Ayres

  2. Thanks, so glad you read it! Great to hear from you:)