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Monday, March 1, 2010

Working Out is not enough...Diet Time?

Ok, so it's been a long time since I posted. I am still VERY interested and excited about the possibility of becoming a personal trainer. There's just been a little set back...but for a good reason! I really want to become a personal trainer to help others learn to eat healthy and excercise, but not just for a few months and then get back to bad old habits! I want to be able to motivate and teach people to change their lifestyle. I think it's a waste of my time, their time and their money if I only help them for a few months. Now, I know from PLENTY of experience that it's difficult to always stay on track. But, if I can teach them and motivate them enough so that even when they do get off track (like I have MANY times)they will always go back to that "healthier" lifestyle...make that lifestyle the comfort zone they always go back to! Excercise and diet are both so important to the wellbeing of EVERYONE! However, how many are out there eating poorly and rarely exercising, if ever?! TOO MANY! I love the fact that personal training is growing like crazy...yes, that means a lot of competition. But I don't think we can have enough, and there will be no competition if I'm good at it and help my clients be successful in their healthy lifestyle transformation!! So, in a way, that's my Mission Statement once I get this new career kicked off.

There's a lot to do before that can happen. Right now I'm working on Step 1 - ME! I have come a long way with my workouts in the last couple of months. I'm having so much fun meeting new friends (other stay-at-home moms)at the gym 5-6 days a week. These workouts are fantastic! Monday and Wednesday we do a Body Pump class to do weight training and then I do 20-30 minutes of cardio...still running and loving it! Tuesday and Friday is Piyo, LOVE this class, it's a mixture of Pilates and Yoga and I sweat in this class almost as much as when I run 3 miles! Thursday and Saturday is Body Combat, sort of like kickboxing...also a lot of fun, but tough! So, as you can see, I've got a great workout schedule. I'm mixing it up, getting cardio, weight training and stretching and balance every week.

The Problem - not losing weight or inches! WHAT? I really thought once I put my workouts into high gear and mixed it up and still watched what I ate pretty well I'd see the weight falling off. Not the case and VERY frustrating, as you can imagine, I'm sure! I started watching my calories, looked up on a few sites to see how many calories I should eat each day to get to my goal weight of 135 and it said 1600. Still nothing watching that. I've also felt very tired and unmotivated. I have Thyroid disease in my family, sister and grandmother both have underactive thyroids, so I thought maybe that was it. I went to my doctor last week to have lab work done. Found out today it doesn't look like it's abnormal (still waiting for my doctor to look over the results, but probably normal). I was a little bummed, I don't want to take medication for thyroid, but did hope that was why I'm not losing weight. Good news...I'm very healthy:) Another good thing is after meeting my doctor I started taking a multi-vitamin for women because I realized I'm definitely not getting enough calcium (and probably other things too). I have noticed a change in my energy, not super, but SO much better than before.

The Next Plan - try doing only 1200 calories per day. I want to do it for a few weeks and see what happens...all I can think is it must be my diet. So I'll be doing 2 NutriiVeda shakes each day (they taste great, are high protein, low calorie and have great minerals and vitamins), so I'll have one for breakfast and one after my workouts. I have some great healthy recipes that I've been cooking for dinner, so we'll stick with those and have healthy snacks in between. I always say, I don't believe in dieting...I don't like telling myself I "can't" have something because then it's all I can think of. So this is not a diet, it's watching what I eat a little more closely...and on date night days, I may just go over that 1200 a little...call it my "free day". Learned that by doing Body for Life and I think it's important to be successful!

Once I get myself looking and feeling even better, I will be ready to move on to the preparation of getting certified to be a personal trainer. I think I'm learning so much throughout my own experience, that I'll feel even better when I start training others! I'm really excited to see what I can do with this...and to sharing it with those who read this! I'm going to try and post updates more frequently and share my thoughts and how I'm feeling.


  1. Please keep us posted on your results! We are glad you love NutriiVeda. :)

  2. I have a good friend her name is mendy and she is a health personal trainer and she is very knowledgeable and positive. I think that you two should get connected. thanks andrew balser